Rachel Deschênes - Québec, Canada-December 2016

I have been lucky to get the contact of Paul of Mpolampola Kampala. At once, Paul answered my mails for accommodation booking. He went to pick my chimp and gorilla permits. Upon arrival Moses, his colleague picked me for my 8 days trip. Very good driver who explained well Ugandan culture, each area of the country, each park and shared his knowledge about animals and plants. He was a good ornithologist too. Perfect!!! I love birds.

I strongly recommend their service to discover this wonderful country.

They are professional, on time, respectful and make you travel in a secure way. I will turn back to Uganda to discover other areas in the country.

A big thank you for this marvelous trip in your country! 


Famille Gaugaz - Suisse - touristes

In September 2014, we travelled to Uganda...We didn't choose luxury accommodation, but places were always clean and well kept.

Paul was a professional, efficient and trustful guide. Thanks to him, we experienced beautiful encounters.

It was amazing to see free elephants, giraffes and gorillas. Just pleasure!

We appreciated the contact with Ugandans Paul introduced us to.

We would turn back to Uganda with great pleasure. 

Mr and Mrs Debusne - France - Touristes

We are back in France after a long trip. We are very happy, filled with wonder after this trip! Even much more!

Anna Macdonald - UK - Expatriate

'Paul was a live-saver for us when we arrived in Kampala. Paul met us on our first day and had already carefully researched our area and the local amenities.  He assisted us professionally and enthusiastically with picking up the essentials, including internet keys and phone sims and provided us with a useful orientation tour of everything we may ever need in Kampala, as well as a print out of some essential information - carefully tailored to our specific situation.  Without Paul, our first week in Kampala would have been stressful and hectic - he made it calm, easy and enjoyable.  I cannot recommend his services enough'.

Dominique Messerli - Suisse/Switzerland - Touriste

Nous avons eu recours aux services de Paul en avril 2012 lors d’un voyage en Ouganda d’une dizaine de jours. J’ai eu le plaisir de découvrir quelques sites intéressants à Kampala et dans les environs sous sa conduite efficace et attentionnée. Paul est digne de confiance. Je ne peux que le recommander autant comme chauffeur que comme guide pour l’organisation d’un séjour.

Greg Paton - Canada - Expatriate

It was a great tour and a wonderful introduction to Kampala. Paul was very informative and the tour was the perfect introduction to Kampala. We saw all the main sights and it helped make me feel at home in Kampala. I would be a happy to recommend Paul to newcomers in Kampala

Anthony Legrand - France - Professional trip (Orange)

I travelled to Kampala for work and I managed to save time to visit around Kampala. Thanks to Paul's service, we visited Murchinson Falls national park for 3 days. That was a very good experience and Paul's thoughtful service was excellent for a first trip in Uganda. We felt in security with Paul who helped us to discover his land and its richness of fauna and flora. I strongly recommend this company to everyone who want exciting and lovely journey in Uganda.

Danièle + Jean - Marie Reynard and friends - Switzerland

We discovered a part of Uganda in February 2013 resorting to Fanny’s service in Switzerland, before our departure and Paul’s service on our arrival. After several magnificient trips in southern Africa, we can say that this one was different.

Thanks to Fanny’s wise advices, to her knowledge of the country and to her wide network which opened all usefull doors allowing the success of this magnificent trip. On the spot, we could rely on Paul who assigned himself with the constant care to answer our requests. To discover a country in an independant way, knowing a trustful person is on the spot to support us in case we need him, is such a happiness...( Thanks Paul).

If you want to discover not only a country but also its soul, so we can only recommend the excellent service of Mpolampola Kampala.

Sofie - Belgium

Hi Fanny,

I would like to thank you for putting me in contact with Paul. He's driven me to Murchison in the beginning of July and tomorrow he'll drive me to Kidepo National Park. You were right to say that he's a very thrustworthy person and he sure is a safe and responsible driver. Thaks once again, for this has made my trip so much easier.

Regards,  Sofie

Pierre Gruninger and Françoise Burgin - Switzerland - Tourists

Thanks to Paul, precious collaborator of “Mpola Mpola Kampala “ who was for these two weeks a professional driver, kind, discreet but always remaining open-minded and  ready to talk about our interrogations about this country with one thousand contrasts. In a word, a trustful man....and most of all a new friend.